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Wyatt loves me. ^_^
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what did U do?? You look like a skin head with all of their sicko valu-s.
I am so sad............................................
Well, first, my hair never was, nor has it ever been, beautiful, let alone bee-utiful. Second, I shaved my head, and it was something I had been needing to do for a long time. Third, not all skinheads are racist, the vast majority of skinheads are not. Most simply are proud of being working class, enjoy Oi! music, and like beer. Most skins tend to be pretty right wing and sometimes republican, which is unfortunate, but that's the worst thing about most of the skins in this area. Granted, there are neo-nazis who call themselves skins, but they're not real skins, just assholes.
Not to mention that not all bald people are skinheads, nor does having a bald head mean you have "sicko valu-s."

Who the fuck wrote this?
Not to mention that bald Wyatt is fucken HAWT.